Auto Bottle Juice Hot Filling Machine

Auto Bottle Juice Hot Filling Machine

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Auto Bottle Juice HotModel Filling Machine,it is for produce bottle juice,it is auto produce line

 Bottle Juice hot filling machine

 Product Description:
Juice/Tea hot filling machine
this 3-in-1 hot filling system is sued for filling tea ,juice and functional drinks ,the mate rial of the bottles can be PET , glass and so on ,the function of fluent and fast filling action high filling precision ,reliable capping and low mate rial loss makes it effectively prevent secondary pollution of the neck with high automation in the whole process it can achieve the replacement of different bottles only by exchanging equivalent parts.
this system can also from complete set of production line with the other related system providing proposals for full set of hot filling. 


Technique parameter: 

Model Washing Filling Capping Capacity(BPH) Size(MM)
CGFH8-8-3 8 8 3 2000 2100*1600*2200
CGFH12-12-6 12 12 6 3000 2400*1800*2400
CGFH18-18-6 18 18 6 5000 2600*2100*2400
CGFH24-24-8 24 24 8 9000 2900*2100*2400
CGFH32-32-10 32 32 10 12000 4000*2400*2400
CGFH40-40-12 40 40 12 15000 4500*2600*2400
CGFH50-50-15 50 50 15 20000 5450*3210*2400



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