Bottle Mineral Water Filling Packing Machine

Bottle Mineral Water Filling Packing Machine

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Automatic washing machineone unit   

    i. Professional cleaning machine for empty plastic bottle or glass bottles. 

    ii Fixed structure, impeccable controlling system and easily for operating and maintain. 

iii.Reliable cleaning theory and spraying method to rinse the inside and outside of the bottles. 

iv.When change the bottles, only need to change the star wheel and guide plate, no other machine accessory need to change; this machine is suitable for rinsing PET bottles and glass bottle, can be used for large and middle-size enterprise, not only for the whole filling line, but also for the separate working; 

Washing heads: 12pcs

Washing medium pure water 

Body material: stainless steel 304

Over size1000×1100×1800mm

Main motor power0.55kw

Washing pump power0.37kw

Automatic filling machineone unit     

i.  Our filling valve is adopting German advanced technology, even with running speed 32000 bottles per hour, our machine can fill stably and exactly; 

ii.  All our filling accessory have been well polished, and have nice appearance , fast filling speed, without any leakage; 

iii. Our machine is equipped with anti-reverse rotation unidirectional clutch device. When it overload, the clutch will slip to stop the machine, so that the machine can work normally. 

iv. Our machine can fill the PET bottle which can not be filled by low vacuum filling machine. 

Filling heads12 pcs 

Main motor power0.55kw

High –temperature resistant pump power: 0.37kw

Oversize 1100×900×1800mm


Weight 700KG

  Our capping machine is suitable for plastic screw cap , aluminum screw cap, theft deterrent cap, etc which is mainly used in the PET bottled no-gas drinking ; 

ii. Our capping machine has the stable transmission system, great sealing performance, easy operation, convenient maintance character. 

Capping heads: 1piece

Main motor power0.55kw

Unscramble caps power 0.09kw




The panorama

Conveyor system (it should design according to your factory layout)

2. Light inspector

With two light pipe which will be installed on the conveyor.

It is for inspection if bottled water has impurity.


Material: Stainless steel 304

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