Automatic Plastic Bottle Monoblock Filling Line

Automatic Plastic Bottle Monoblock Filling Line

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The air feeding duct is directly connected with the 3-in-1 filling machine, and the bottle conveying adopts the whole process of sticking the bottle mouth. The advantages of this approach are: 1When the user needs to change the shape of the bottle, and the diameter of the bottle remains unchanged or only has a small change, no adjustment of the equipment is needed to achieve the change of the shape of the bottle. When the diameter of the bottle body changes greatly, only a short time is needed to replace the bottle body part of the dial wheel. It greatly facilitates the user and saves the user's bottle switching cost and time.

The secondary pollution of bottle mouth can be avoided.

The production process of the machine is as follows: The bottle in the wind delivery channel is transfered to the punching machine of the 3 in 1 filling machine.

(2)、main feature

1Bottle feeding mechanism

1.Feeding method is that between wind delivery channel connected directly with inlet dial wheel.

2.Equipped with pneumatic bottle stopper.

2Bottle Washing Machine

1)   All rotating discs are welded with stainless steel ANSI304.

2)   Using the original turnover bottle clip of our company, the bottle clip clamps the bottleneck part, avoiding the possible pollution of the rubber clip on the traditional bottle clip to the thread part of the bottle mouth. The bottle clamp is made of stainless steel ANSI304, which is hygienic and durable.

3)   use the high efficiency spray nozzle to flush the bottle water at a set angle, and rinse it to any part of the bottle's inner wall, rinse thoroughly and save the flushing water.

4)   Bottle clamp and flip mechanism sliding sleeve are used in Germany IGUS orrosion-resistant and maintenance-free bearings

5)The power of the bottle puncher is transmitted by the transmission system in the frame through the gears.


3Transition Dial wheel

4. Adopt stainless steel with jam opening

5. Filling machine

1)   All rotary discs are made of stainless steel ANSI304.

2)   Filling type is gravity filling

3)   Filling valves are made of ANSI304.

4)   High precision, high speed liquid level filling valve, liquid level accuracy ≤±2mm.

5)   Using the whole liquid cylinder, the liquid level of the cylinder is controlled by the float ball.

6)   Using the latest double guide pillar bottle lifting mechanism, it avoids the leakage caused by the bottle lifting mechanism in the old products having to pass through the table, and is convenient for assembly, disassembly and maintenance.

7)   The power of the filling

6Capping machine

The magnetic constant torque cap has stable and reliable capping effect, and the defective rate of capping is less than 0.2%.

The cover-falling guide rail is equipped with a mechanism to prevent the back cover from passing through and taking out the cover. At the same time, a set of photoelectric switches are installed. When the cover-falling guide rail is uncovered, the machine automatically stops running, which can effectively avoid the appearance of the capless bottle.

It is equipped with a cap screw into the bottle detection switch, and the cap cylinder chain control cap discharge at the connection with the cap guide rail and the cover plate, to ensure that no bottle feeding stop cap, reduce the loss of the cap.

l  High efficiency centrifugal cap mode, cap wear is small.

The cap remover is equipped with a cap missing detection mechanism to control the start and stop of the bottle cap hoist.

7Bottle discharge wheel

Ø  Using the bottom transmission mode of the bottle, the bottom bracket of the bottle is a spiral descent curve, and the change of the bottle shape does not need to adjust the height of the machine and the conveyor chain.

8Bottle delivery chain

1)   the drive motor adopts frequency conversion to adjust speed and keep synchronization with the three-in-one filling machine, which can effectively prevent the bottle from turning over.


1、The frame is welded with high quality carbon steel, and the surface is rustproof and sprayed, and the surface is covered with stainless steel plate.

2、Exclusive use of stainless steel table panel through-hole tension structure, with O-ring seal, so that leakage of all bearing seats and support shafts on the table may be reduced to zero.

3、3. The three-in-one drive system is located under the table of the frame, driven by a main motor and driven by gears.

4、The transmission gears adopt the cross arrangement of steel gears and nylon gears.

5、The main motor output shaft is equipped with overload protection mechanism, which effectively ensures the safety of the machine.

10Control System

1PLC can automatic control the whole process of 3 in 1 filling machine.

2Production speed, class output counting, fault category, fault point, etc. are displayed on the touch screen. And it can automatically count the fault occurrence time, fault category and other information.

Technical  parameter






production rate


filling type

Gravity filling

bottle type

diameter50-120,height 100-320

water pressure of washing

0.2-0.25 MPa

water consumption of washing


rated voltage


main motor power


motor total capacity



2600×2250×2250MM L*W*H





 Light inspector

With two light pipe which will be installed on the conveyor.

It is for inspection if bottled water has impurity.

Material: Stainless steel 304


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