Roof Shape Box Filling Machine

Roof Shape Box Filling Machine

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This machine is suitable for filling waterjuice,milk and so on.

Working Condition:

1)Capacity:1000 packs/h

2)Sealing:By high frequency



5)Packaging material: roof cardboard box or roof aluminium foil cartonWith caps.

6)Shape size: 3.8*1.2*1.8 M

7)Compressed air: flow rate: 0.8-1.0M3/min   

Pressure: 1.0-1.4 Mpa    No oil, no dust 

8)Filling Type:Atmospheric pressure filling

9) Filling temperature:2-50°   80-88°

10)Filling error:±2.5ml

11)Power380V 50HZ


13)Installation request:Cement,floor tiles and plastic floors can be used,not need the corners.

4: Design process flow:

Roof carton →Manual upper box→Bottom Heating and Pressing Forming→Open carton→Covering by Ultrasound Welding→Open Covered Carton→Manual box placement on track→filling→Top Seal Composite Type→Print Date→Enter conveyor chain and pack

The main filling process of the control system, the whole machine is controlled by PLC,more about three workers are required to complete the whole work process.




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