DXD-500 Juice Sachet Filling and Sealing Machine

DXD-500 Juice Sachet Filling and Sealing Machine

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The DXD-500 is the high quality for juice sachet filling machine and milk sachet filling machine,It can auto making sachet,filling and sealing,and it also have the date printer and the photocell system.

All parts come to coutact with material and exterior are made of high-quahity 
staigssteel steel and four directons sealed ensure the products meetstate samitary standard.
DXD-500 model is widely used in filling and seeling of various beverages and juices,such as milk ,peanut milk,sauce,vinegar and yellow wine.  
It adopts auto tape supply and drift correct auto alarm wmle no film or film break, cusor location triangle bag molding hotsealing and cutting,film moving by grafting,quantitative printer and other components,Auto cursor location can automatically correct patterns and supply film-moving length,so as to guarantee that paoducts have compact printing patterms.

Juice Sachet

Main Technical Performance:


 Film Developed Width(mm)

  320        240

 Packing capacity(ml)


 Production Efficiency

 1500 or 2000bags/h

 Application Voltage

 380v or 220v

 Horse power


 Machine Weight

 about 800kg

 overall dimension


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