CBF2000 Milk Sachet Filling Machine

CBF2000 Milk Sachet Filling Machine

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This machine is we make for milk sachet filling and sealing equipment. It is full auto and have the seal filling space.
Milk sachet filling machine
CBF2000 Milk Sachet Filling Machine for Milk is the new product which we devote in lots of efforts. and we have got the advanced technology from Electrical companies in Japan and France. so our machine owns excellent configuration and stability. it is widely applied in filling and sealing kinds of liquid material, such as drinks, juice, milk, soya-bean milk peanut milk, soysauce, vinegar, millet wine and oil ect . The apperance is elegant and it’s form and tight,this pacher is your first choose for packing liquid materials.
    The main functions are as follows, Automatic bag supplier, Synchronous date printing, Typing bag making, Vertical sealing, Linear haul-off bags-going, Quantitative filling ,Horizontal sealing and Automatic counting. we adopt CPU proceduret to control the bags going of Stepping Motor, including automatic cursor location. so it can ensure the bags-going smoothly, and you will have complete apprance.

   The shell and the parts which contact directly with material completely adopt superior stainless, ensure your products to meet the national hygiene standard.
    Eccellenet performance and easy operation is the packer that we elaborately designed for you.
Milk Sachet
Technical  parameter:
1.     Packaging Specifications:
        Film unload width: 320mmor240mm
        largest capacity:1000ml
2.     Filling accuracy:±2%
3.     Packing speed:2000Bags/H
4.     Power: AC380/220v  50Hz
5.     Horse power:1.5kw
6.     Machine weight:about 850 kg
7.     Overall dimension:1110 ´900 ´2450(mm)

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