40T/H Mineral Water Produce Line

40T/H Mineral Water Produce Line

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This Mineral water produce line is include the sand filter,carbon filter,precision filter,Ultrafiltration System and so on.

Mineral water produce line 


process: When the liquid mixture flow by membrane surface ,the impregnated and small molecules will permeate through membrane while big molecules left and its thickness of source solution will increase gradually (concentrated solution).Therefore,the separation ,condensation,purification of big molecule an d small molecule can be achieved
advantage:.It has great permeability,excellent bacterium removal capability.Dense filter layer of interior and exterior surface of hollow fiber membrane pipe can effectively remove various microorganism ,mutation causing mass,mote,colloid,bacterium and heat source .credible filtration performance:UF through hollow fiber is a dynamic process and the membrane is not easy to be blocked .The quality of the UF outlet water is in accordance with the standard of similar productions of USA and Japan.


 Ultrafiltration System 

applications: The mineral  water equipment researched by our company is also widely used in many mineral water plants industrial corporations ,schools and families.

1) Good quality and stable output water
2) Fully automatic control procedures
3) Reduce the enviromental costs 




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