It is complete 2000 sachet water filling line,the producing capacity is 2000sachet/h,the filling capacity is 100ml-500ml can adjust. It include pu
It is the KOYO complete water sachet produce line,this line include the pure water produce line,pure water tank,koyo water sachet filling machine and so on.
It is KOYO simple water sachet filling line,simple sachet water produce line,simple water sachet filling machine.Please check the bellow photos
This sachet water produce line include one pure water treatment with RO system 750L/H,1000L pure water tank,one set sachet water filling and seall
It is KOYO brand XY model liquid packer machine,it very famous in Africa.
Pouch Bag Filling and Sealing Machine
It is for Ghana Client's 6000L pure water treatment with RO system,it is full auto pure water produce line,include sand filter,carbon filter,resin
XGF Series Washing,Filling and Capping 3-IN-1 Machine,this machine is for bottle water,it is for auto filling machine.
It is full auto type Carbonated drink filling machine,the produce speed from 1500BPH - 15000BPH.
Specifications1. computer control filling volume,and control system by PLC,have the photocell system.2. Auto filling and sealing by roll film.3. e
Model: KY-7500Packing Method: Auto Forming, Heat SealPower: AC220V/380v±5% 50Hz 2.5KWCapacity: 400-600 bag
KOYO Purified Water Porduction Line,it include every part,from booster pump,sand filter,carbon filter,resin filter,precision filter,high pressure
It is KOYO brand XY model sachet water filling sealing machine,it very famous in Africa and it the new type machine,the speed is about 3000sachet per hour.
All parts come to coutact with material and exterior are made of high-quahity staigssteel steel and four directons sealed ensure the products meet
Plastic tube filling and sealing machine,it can filling Ice pop / Ice lolly / Water/ Juice / All of liquids.
The KOYO Fruit Juice Sachet Filling Machine is the high quality for juice sachet filling machine and milk sachet filling machine,It can auto makin
It is Full Auto Plastic Cup Filling and Sealing Machine,and we make according to our client request,the filling materials is viscus type,same as t
This machine is applicable to any different fluid viscosity automatic bag, filling and twist cover, such as soft drinks, milk, soy milk, soy milk,
Ice pop plastic tube filling machinery,it can filling Ice pop / Ice lolly / Water/ Juice / All of liquids.
It is Sea water purified equipment with reverse osmosis system,include the sand filter,carbon filter,resin filter,precision filter,dosing system,R
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We are professional water sachet produce line manufacturer and provide high quality of bottle water produce line, pure water produce line and reverse osmosis system are in hot sale around the world.