4000-5000BPH Full Auto PET Bottle Blowing Machine is the most stable two-step automatic stretch blow moulding machine.It has two cavities to six c
It is 150T/H Pure Water Plant With RO System,it we manufacture for MengNiu Dairy Company which is the biggest Dairy company in China.
This line is the carbonated beverage filling production line,it is complete line,include the mic tank,co2 mixer,filling machine,labels machine and so on.
This Mineral water produce line is include the sand filter,carbon filter,precision filter,Ultrafiltration System and so on.
It is 8000L Pure water produce line with double RO system,include the sand filter,carbon filter*2,precision filter, RO system and so on,and all th
It is 3000L pure water plant,include the sand filter,carbon filter,scale system,Reverse Osmosis System and so on.
It is Reverse Osmosis System,it is the main part for making the pure water,we can produce item as your request.The capacity we can make item from
Auto Bottle Juice HotModel Filling Machine,it is for produce bottle juice,it is auto produce line
It pure water produce line include the sand filter,carbon filter,resin filter,presicion filter,RO system and so on.
All parts come to coutact with material and exterior are made of high-quahity staigssteel steel and four directons sealed ensure the products meet
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We are professional water sachet produce line manufacturer and provide high quality of bottle water produce line, pure water produce line and reverse osmosis system are in hot sale around the world.